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21 сентября 2018 Вопрос от Росвуза
Нужно ли законодательно запретить использование мобильных телефонов в школе?

City of Bath College

Организационная форма:
Статус организации:
Год основания:
Страна, город:
Великобритания, Бас
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очная, дневное
Форма обучения:
профессиональные курсы, средне-специальное образование
Виды образования:
Характеристика организации
Наличие русскоговорящего менеджера:
Трансфер для иностранных студентов:

Общая информация

As a full-time student at the City of Bath College you will enjoy a real alternative to school and an exciting learning experience .

We offer vocational and academic courses in a wide range of subjects. We will help you to find a suitable course to provide you with the knowledge and skills for your chosen career.

In an adult learning environment, you will be encouraged to discover things for yourself, with help when needed. We talk to you about your progress, so you will always know if you are achieving the right grades to succeed. Extra support is available. You will be encouraged to make use of our excellent Library and Learning Resource Centre. We recognise that students have individual learning styles and these areas allow you to make the most of your time at College.

You are welcome to come to one of our open days. You can talk to tutors and see for yourself what the College has to offer.  Advisors are also available on these days, they can help you with student funding, learner support or give you careers advice to help you choose the right course. We hold open days three times a year in November, February and May. We also offer taster sessions, usually organised in conjunction with secondary schools. 

When you apply, we will invite you to an interview. You will be able to ask questions and hear about your chosen course. Our admissions and guidance advisors will make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice. If, after the interview, you are not sure you have made the right choice, please let us know. Our guidance team are happy to help you to find a more suitable course or training programme. 

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