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Lansdowne College

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Lansdowne College is located close to London’s fashionable Notting Hill within 200m of Hyde Park and Kensington Palace.

We pride ourselves at Lansdowne for being one of the best colleges in London, are renowned for the warm, supportive and structured atmosphere provided by our staff for our students. We live up to our motto ‘Where Students Come First’.

With our clear guidelines of conduct based on mutual respect between teachers and students, we find many of the rules found in traditional schools are unnecessary. We believe that our students relish and respond to being treated as young adults. They thrive on the mixture of expert teaching, hard work and pastoral care they experience and enjoy. They benefit from an environment that, whilst maintaining academic rigour and discipline, provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a result, students not only rise to their academic challenges but also enjoy them and exceed them.

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Великобритания, Лондон

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    Independent Schools Association

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