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Duff Miller College
Duff Miller College

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Duff Miller Sixth Form College is an independent private college providing structured tuition for its students, based on the demands of their exams and closely tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

What distinguishes us, as a college and as a community, is an open and supportive atmosphere which encourages our students to develop on both academic and personal levels.

Duff Miller takes pride in the diversity of its pupils and in being able to meet their different needs, whether we are preparing them for medical or Oxbridge interviews or guiding them through their retakes. Our staff are all graduates and experts in their particular subjects who are practised in meeting the expectations of the different exam boards, while maintaining the sense of interest and excitement which we believe is crucial to tuition at Duff Miller. Exam results are a key focus but these can be achieved within the context of inspirational lessons with an emphasis on liveliness and participation.

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