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21 сентября 2018 Вопрос от Росвуза
Нужно ли законодательно запретить использование мобильных телефонов в школе?

Chelsea Independent College

Организационная форма:
Статус организации:
Год основания:
Страна, город:
образовательный центр
Великобритания, Лондон
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очная, дневное
Форма обучения:
языковые программы, языковые программы долгосрочные
Виды образования:
Характеристика организации
Трансфер для иностранных студентов:

Общая информация

One of the best sixth form colleges in London, Chelsea was founded from a very simple ideal; to provide a solid academic education focusing on the demands of the examination systems. We never lose sight of the important goal of our students which is entry to top universities often in high demand disciplines. However we also realise the importance of developing a genuine passion and curiosity in all that our students study. As such our teaching staff are chosen for their ability to bring their individual subjects alive, and to develop the learning process outside of the classroom. They achieve this by inviting outside speakers to bring their insight into the classroom, and by visiting places of interest in London where academia can be seen in a more real setting.

We are fortunate to be located in the centre of London and to have the many facilities this vibrant city offers us. We attempt to make use of all of the surrounding theatres, galleries and museums as well as the many exhibitions which take place through the year. We also believe that developing a student’s range of experience is crucial in an ever more competitive world, and as such the extra-curricular programme at the college provides opportunity for personal development in many area.

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Chelsea Independent College


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