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The aim of CATS College is to encourage all students to realise their potential, fostering independence and maturity in order to prepare them for their future as Global Citizens.

It starts with YOU, the individual

  • Your abilities, aims and aspirations are our starting point
  • We help you achieve beyond your predicted grade
  • You will have an individual learning plan

Our unique approach to teaching and learning has been called ‘exemplary’ by recent government inspectors. We take the time to find out in detail what your aims and potential are, and then develop an individual learning plan to support your progress at every stage of your learning.

All students are different, so we start by finding out about you and your individual strengths and needs.

Through careful analysis, we’ll discover how you learn best, your academic aims, career aspirations, preferred degree or university and the best subjects and study programme to prepare you for that. 

They will assess student using the most highly respected GCSE and A level performance expectation predictors, developed by Durham University called YELLIS/ALIS. This system predicts exam grades based on past academic performance. Our aim is to help you achieve better results than predicted. 

This personalised assessment process will help us to develop an individual learning plan for you, based on educational research from Cambridge and London Universities. Tailor-made to your needs, it gives you clear targets and educational objectives in all subjects. Your performance will be measured regularly through regular assessments and monitored against these agreed targets. You’ll always know exactly what you need to do to be successful.

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    Certificate about secondary education, Certificate about training courses

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